EKKO EK20GS Electric Forklift – 4500lb review


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EKKO EK20GS 4 Wheel Electric Forklift – 4500 lbs Capacity

The EKKO EK20GS 4 Wheel Electric Forklift is a powerful and versatile solution designed to meet the diverse material handling needs in various industrial environments. Ideal for loading and unloading trucks, operating in loading docks, stock rooms, manufacturing floors, and warehouses, this forklift boasts a load capacity of 4500 lbs and a raised height of 189 inches (15.75ft). Constructed from high-quality steel and durable components, the EK20GS is built to endure challenging terrains and operational demands.

Key Features

  • High Load Capacity: Capable of lifting loads up to 4500 lbs.
  • Extended Lifting Height: Offers a maximum lift height of 189 inches.
  • Side Shifting Forks: Provides flexibility and precision in handling loads.
  • Robust Construction: Made with high-quality steel and components for durability.
  • Lead Acid Battery: Equipped with a 48/600 AH lead acid battery.
  • Ergonomic Design: Features an ergonomic handle and intuitive controls for ease of use.
  • Solid Pneumatic Tires: Suitable for a variety of terrains with minimal maintenance.

Specifications Overview

Load Capacity 4500 lbs
Brand Ekko Lifts
Dimensions 46.45″W x 133″L x 79″H
Raised Height 189″ (15.75ft)
Service Weight 9,232 lbs
Turning Radius 85 inches
Traveling Speed (laden vs unladen) 9 / 9.3 mph
Ground Clearance (at mast) 3.95 in
Charger Included
Battery Voltage 48/600 AH Lead acid
Lowered Mast Height 79″
Tilt 6/6 deg


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